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Guardrail is our add-on to the Smart Fix system and is available with or without mesh panels. The system is tested according to EN-14122 Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery, Part 3 DIN-1055 Action on support structure, Part 3. The above standards do not describe anything about the actual floor fixing, the fixation to floor or platform has to be verified by the installer or customer as Troax cannot guarantee the quality of the floor material.




A mezzanine, on the Troax is an elevated platform or floor installed within an existing building or industrial space. Mezzanines are typically used to create additional usable space without the need for additional construction or expansion of the building itself.
Troax offers a range of mezzanine solutions designed to meet specific space and storage needs. These mezzanines can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and layout of a given space, and can be designed to support heavy loads and equipment.
Troax mezzanines are made from high-quality materials, including steel and wire mesh, and are designed to be easy to install and reconfigure. They can also be integrated with other Troax products such as partitions and shelving systems to create a complete storage and workspace solution.
In addition to their practical functionality, Troax mezzanines also offer a range of aesthetic options, including different colors and finishes, to complement the overall design of a space.
Overall, Troax mezzanines are a versatile and efficient solution for creating additional storage or workspace within an existing building or industrial space, and Troax offers a range of high-quality options to meet a variety of needs.

Feature Specification
Product Name Troax Mezzanine
Purpose Modular steel structure for creating additional floor space
Design Modular steel frames and mesh panels
Mesh size 50x50mm or 25x25mm
Frame material Steel
Frame thickness 1.5mm or 2.0mm
Panel material Steel
Panel thickness 1.0mm or 2.0mm
Finish Electroplated and powder-coated
Height Customizable
Widths Customizable
Depth Customizable
Load capacity Up to 1000 kg/m2
Supporting structure Steel columns and beams
Staircases Modular steel staircases with handrails and anti-slip steps
Edge protection Modular steel handrails and kick plates
Fire protection Compliant with EN 13501-1
Accessories Lighting, electrical outlets, ventilation, and partition walls
Standards Compliant with EN 1090-1 and EN ISO 14122-3
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