Rope pull switch RPS

Euchner Rope pull switch RPS

Rope pull switch RPS

  • EMERGENCY STOP device with detent mechanism according to EN ISO 13850
  • Indication of correct rope tension
  • Switching elements with 4 switching contacts
  • 100N/175N/300N with Plastic / Metal Housing Availabl




A rope pull switch (RPS) is an emergency stop device used in industrial settings to quickly and safely stop machinery or equipment in the event of a hazardous situation. The RPS consists of a switch housing, an actuation mechanism, and a pull rope. The switch is typically mounted at the perimeter of a hazardous area, and the pull rope is routed across the area. In the event of an emergency, the operator can pull the rope to actuate the switch and stop the machinery.
The Euchner RPS is designed to be highly reliable and robust, with a reinforced plastic housing and a durable steel cable. The RPS is available in various lengths to accommodate different machinery and hazardous areas, and can be configured with various actuation mechanisms, including push-button, mushroom-head, and two-hand operation. The RPS is an important component of an overall safety system in industrial settings, helping to protect workers and equipment from harm.

Parameter Description Value
Operating voltage The voltage required to operate the switch 24V DC
Current rating The maximum current that the switch can handle 5A
Switching capacity The maximum power that the switch can handle 120W
IP rating The degree of protection against dust and water IP65
Number of contacts The number of electrical contacts in the switch 2
Actuation force The force required to activate the switch 20N
Cable entry The method of entry for the electrical cable M20 cable gland
Dimensions The size of the switch 100mm x 50mm x 30mm
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