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ReeR was established in 1959 to distribute components for industry, lighting and home automation. By the mid-70’s the first safety sensors were developed, and afterwards the first light curtains were produced.
Today ReeR is both the Italian leading company and one of the main world manufacturers of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety.


ReeR is about being one step Ahead

ReeR Safety global expertise shines through the efforts of our Safety Division with subsidiaries in Spain, United States, China, Korea, and India supported by an extensive network of skilled distributors, we provide unparalleled customer service in more than 65 countries around the world.
ReeR is committed to continuously improving its quality management processes by minimizing the defective returns and ensuring a very high product reliability.Product traceability and production process control are ensured by a ReeR proprietary management software.

Quality management system

ReeR is dedicated to maintaining a very high level of product reliability while reducing the number of defective returns and improving its quality control procedures on an ongoing basis.
ReeR's proprietary management software guarantees production process control and product traceability.


"At ReeR, the team takes pride in their daily efforts dedicated to ensuring the superior quality of the distributed products and the contentment of customers. As a cohesive unit, each member, leveraging their unique skills, plays a pivotal role in the company's triumph.
The interviews offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the brand, unveiling aspects of production, sales, customer support, and marketing. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to acquaint oneself with the skilled ReeR team, known for their unwavering commitment to advancing technological innovation and prioritizing customer satisfaction."

Subsidiaries and Qualified Partners

"ReeR Safety's global expertise is evident in the endeavors of its Safety Division, which boasts subsidiaries in Spain, the United States, China, Korea, and India. Backed by a comprehensive network of adept distributors, the company delivers unparalleled customer service in over 65 countries worldwide."

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