Safety bumpers

Safety bumpers
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Safety bumpers

  • Sensitive bumpers are a type of safety sensor that can detect and react to pressure.
  • These bumpers can be placed on the perimeter of a robot, machine or other automated equipment to prevent collisions with people or objects.
  • When the sensitive bumper detects an impact, it sends a signal to the control system, which can trigger an emergency stop or other safety measures.
  • Sensitive bumpers can be customized to fit specific applications and come in different sizes and sensitivities.
  • Wide Automation's sensitive bumpers are designed to meet international safety standards, including EN 1760-2 and ISO 13856-2.



Wide Automation

Sensitive bumpers are safety devices used in industrial settings to detect and prevent collisions between machines or other objects. They consist of a flexible rubber or foam surface with built-in sensors that detect impact or pressure. When a collision occurs, the sensors trigger an immediate stoppage of the machinery, preventing further damage or injury. Sensitive bumpers are designed to be highly sensitive, with the ability to detect even the slightest touch or nudge, making them ideal for use in areas where personnel or equipment must be protected from accidental collisions. They are commonly used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs), material handling equipment, and other industrial machinery.

Parameter Specification
Material Silicone rubber
Dimensions Customizable
Actuation force 30-150 N
Operating temperature -20°C to +75°C
Protection class IP65
Switching element Microswitch
Switching voltage / current 30 V AC/DC / 2A
Switching frequency 10 Hz
Response time < 30 ms
Mounting Self-adhesive or aluminum profile
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