Troax Fixings

Troax Fixings


Fixing is a strong and well-proven system based on the 60x40 posts. The pre-galvanized Smart Fix bracket has good corrosion protection and is easily mounted on the post. The fixings are easily moved up and down to adjust for tunnels and uneven floors.
The Troax smart fixings bolts are attached to the panels and remain captive even when the system is dismantled, fulfilling the requirements of the Machinery Directive. The system is tested to withstand an impact of 2100 joules.
The Smart Fix system can easily be combined with other Troax systems, like Rapid Fix and Safe Fix.




Fixings are an important component of Troax's Smart Fix installation system. Smart Fix is a modular installation system that makes it easy to install and reconfigure Troax's products. The fixings provide a strong and secure connection between the panels and posts, ensuring that the system is stable and safe. The fixings are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit different applications and can be easily installed with simple hand tools. The Smart Fix system allows for quick and easy installation and reconfiguration, making it an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including warehouse partitioning, machine guarding, and storage cages.

Product Name Material Finish Size Package Quantity
Smart Fixings M6 Steel Zinc plated M6 x 25mm 100
Smart Fixings M8 Steel Zinc plated M8 x 30mm 100
Smart Fixings M10 Steel Zinc plated M10 x 40mm 100
Smart Fixings M12 Steel Zinc plated M12 x 50mm 50
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