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Troax mesh panels offer a secure solution for data centres. The mesh panels allow complete airflow circulation and can be adjusted to fit around existing installations and other obstacles. Our modular systems can be mounted at the height of your choice, with or without a roof. The system also includes steel sheet infill panels that provide greater security as well as increased privacy. The steel sheet panels can also be used under raised access computer flooring and over dropped ceilings to restrict access.




The Troax, is a facility used to store and manage large amounts of digital information. These centers typically house computer servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other infrastructure required to support data processing and storage.
Troax offers a range of products designed specifically for data center environments, including server cabinets, cooling solutions, and access control systems. These products are designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of data center operations, while also ensuring maximum security and protection of sensitive information.
Troax server cabinets are constructed from high-quality materials and are available in various sizes and configurations to meet specific data center requirements. They are designed to provide maximum security and protection for servers and other equipment, while also allowing for easy access and maintenance.
Troax cooling solutions are also specifically designed for data centers and help to maintain optimal operating temperatures for servers and other equipment. These solutions can be customized to fit specific data center needs, and can help to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
Finally, Troax access control systems provide an additional layer of security for data center environments. These systems can be configured to control access to specific areas of the data center, as well as to individual server cabinets and other equipment.

Feature Specification
Product Name Troax Data Centers
Purpose Physical security solution for data centers
Design Modular steel mesh panels
Mesh size 50x50mm or 25x25mm
Frame material Steel
Frame thickness 1.5mm or 2.0mm
Panel material Steel
Panel thickness 1.0mm or 2.0mm
Finish Electroplated and powder-coated
Height Customizable
Widths Customizable
Depth Customizable
Locking mechanism Customizable (magnetic, mechanical or electronic)
Cable management Integrated cable routing in the frame and panels
Fire protection Compliant with UL94V-0 and EN 13501-1
Access control options Biometric access control, card readers, pin codes, intercom systems, and integration with existing access control systems
Standards Compliant with EN 10204, DIN 4844-2, and UL 752 Level 10
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