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The Troax anti-collapse system is the strongest on the market and is a durable and protective mesh screen used to prevent accidents caused by goods falling from or being mistakenly knocked off pallet racking. Troax anti-collapse is made from fully welded mesh panels with a 19x19mm tubular steel frame, tested to withstand an impact of up to 2500 joules. This is equivalent to a pendulum weighing 160 kg and travelling at 20 km/h. The panels are available in three models with different levels of protection. The anti-collapse system is fast, easy and versatile to assemble.




the Troax, is a safety solution designed to prevent falling objects and protect workers in industrial settings. It is a mesh panel system that is installed behind pallet racks or other storage systems to prevent items from accidentally falling or being pushed off the edge of a shelf or rack.
The anti-collapse system is made from high-strength steel mesh that is designed to withstand heavy impacts and prevent items from penetrating the barrier. It is easy to install and can be quickly retrofitted to existing storage systems.
In addition to its safety benefits, the anti-collapse system also helps to protect inventory and equipment from damage caused by falling objects. It can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and configuration of a given storage system, and can even be integrated with other safety solutions such as safety gates and end-of-aisle protectors.
Overall, the anti-collapse system is an effective solution for preventing workplace accidents and injuries caused by falling objects, and Troax offers a range of high-quality options to meet a variety of needs.

Feature Specification
Product Name Troax Anti-Collapse
Purpose Preventing goods from falling from pallet racks or shelves
Design Robust steel mesh panel
Mesh size 100x100mm
Frame material Steel
Frame thickness 2.0mm
Panel material Steel
Panel thickness 2.5mm
Finish Electroplated and powder-coated
Height 1.2m and 2.4m (customizable)
Widths 1.6m and 2.7m (customizable)
Weight 11kg (1.2m) and 22kg (2.4m)
Installation Quick and easy installation with brackets and bolts
Standards Compliant with EN 15512 and DIN 4844-2
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