Troax Accessories

Troax Accessories


Troax accessories make it possible to adapt and customise your machine guarding solution on site. Cut profiles can be used to adjust the height and width of panels, and the edge cover for covering cut outs in the mesh. The Snapper quickly joins panels to one another, and the Kick-plate infills the gap between the panels and the warehouse mezzanine floor. A cable wire tray is easily added to the guard, either fixed to the top of the posts or on any height with the Smart Fix brackets. Add our functional bonding kit for earthing if you have problems with leakage current. PC infill solutions, where a polycarbonate sheet is fixed to a mesh panel to cover for splash risks, are avaialbe together with gap covers or foam infill to cover the gaps between panels and posts.
Our comprehensive range of accessories make it possible to create fully bespoke machine guards that are suited to your requirements.




Troax offers a wide range of accessories that can be used in combination with their panels and posts to create a complete and customized solution for your industrial storage and safety needs. These accessories include but are not limited to, doors, locks, lighting, floor fixing brackets, mesh roofs, and shelves. The doors and locks are available in different types such as hinged, sliding, and folding doors with various locking mechanisms such as standard key locks, padlocks, or electronic locks. The lighting options range from LED strip lights to motion sensor activated lights. The mesh roofs are designed to provide additional protection against dust, debris, and falling objects. Floor fixing brackets provide a stable and secure attachment to the floor while shelves can be used to store smaller items or tools. These accessories can be easily installed with the panels and posts to create a customized and secure storage or safety solution.

Accessory Description
Shelf Dividers Divide shelves for storage of smaller items.
Label Holders Identify contents of shelving units with label holders.
Hooks Hang items from the wire mesh panels.
Support Brackets Additional support for shelving units.
Cable Ties Secure wiring or other items to the shelving units.
Castors Mobile base for shelving units.
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