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The Troax Safe Lock is our most sold lock option for machine guarding doors. It can be equipped with a safety switch of your choice to reach your requested Performance Level. The Safe Escape lock is a perfect lock for Automated Warehouse environments as the access is controlled with a Euro cylinder and a safety switch can be integrated inside the lock. The Euro cylinder lock and the magnetic lock can be supplemented with brackets for switches.




Troax offers a range of locks and switches that can be used with their machine guarding systems to ensure safety and security. These locks and switches are designed to integrate seamlessly with Troax panels, doors, and posts.
Troax offers a variety of lock and switch options, including key-operated locks, electrical switches, and mechanical locks. They can be used to secure doors, gates, and panels, and to provide additional safety measures in hazardous environments.
Troax locks and switches are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, and are designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments. They are easy to install and use, and can be integrated with Troax's Smart Fix system for fast and easy installation.
Troax offers a range of lock and switch options to suit different applications and requirements. They can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing, and are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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