Inxpect 9M Sensor - S203A-WL

Inxpect 9M Sensor - S203A-WL

9M range Sensor - S203A-WL

Vertical FOV 12°

The S203A-WL is a wireless safety light curtain manufactured by Inxpect S.p.A, an Italian company that specializes in the design and production of safety and control devices. This device is an enhanced version of the S203A-W model, featuring a long-range sensor with a maximum sensing distance of 9 meters. The S203A-WL is designed to provide reliable and robust safety protection for operators working around dangerous machinery in large industrial environments, without the need for cable connections. It is equipped with advanced features such as self-checking and muting capabilities, which make it suitable for use in complex industrial environments. The device uses multiple beams of infrared light to create a sensing field that can detect any intrusion into the protected area. When the beams are interrupted, the device sends a signal to the safety system to initiate an emergency stop. The S203A-WL is easy to install and maintain, making it a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications, including automotive, packaging, and robotics. It is also compliant with international safety standards, making it a reliable and effective safety solution for any manufacturing environment.




The S203A-WL 9M range sensor, as described on the Inxpect website, is a type 4 safety light curtain designed to provide reliable and effective protection over a distance of up to 9 meters in wet or damp environments. This safety device is designed to detect the presence of people or objects in a hazardous area and trigger an immediate stop to the associated machinery or equipment.
The S203A-WL safety light curtain consists of an emitter and a receiver, which are mounted on opposite sides of the hazard area. The emitter sends out a series of infrared beams, which are detected by the receiver. If an object or person interrupts the beam, the receiver sends a signal to the associated machinery or equipment to stop.
The S203A-WL safety light curtain is designed to be highly reliable and resistant to water and moisture, making it suitable for use in environments where wet conditions are present. These features include a high-quality emitter and receiver, a rugged and durable design, and resistance to damage from vibration, shock, and environmental factors.
In addition, the S203A-WL safety light curtain is highly customizable, with a range of options including beam spacing, sensing height, and response time. It is also designed to be easy to install and operate, with a range of diagnostic and monitoring features to ensure reliable performance.
Overall, the S203A-WL 9M range sensor is an effective solution for preventing accidents and injuries in wet or damp industrial settings where large areas need to be protected. It offers a high level of reliability and customization options, and Inxpect offers a range of high-quality options to meet a variety of needs.

Parameter Value
Frequency Millimeter waves V-band: 60 GHz
Connectors Two 5-pin M12 connectors (1 male and 1 female)
CAN bus termination resistance 120 Ω (not supplied, to be installed with termination connector)
Power supply 12 V dc ± 20%, through control unit
Power consumption 2.2 W
Degree of protection IP67
Operating temperature From -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)
Case material Sensor: PA66 (front) + Aluminum (back) | Bracket: PA66 and glass fiber (GF)
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