Safety Switch STP

Euchner Safety Switch STP

Safety Switch STP

Based on the plastic-encapsulated safety switch TP with guard locking, the safety switch STP features both an actuating head and an internal cam made of metal. As a result, the switch can be used for applications that require high locking forces (up to 2500 N). The safety switch STP has a switching element with 4 switching contacts. EUCHNER supplies the STP safety switch with various contact combinations (positively driven contacts / NO contacts). Dual-channel wiring to achieve the maximum possible safety level is possible with all possible variants. Given the particular property of the switching contacts of switching a minimum current of 1 mA, the safety switch STP is also suitable for use on safe control systems.


  • Metal actuating head suitable for highest requirements
  • Two LED displays (optional) for the visual display of the door position and the position of the solenoid
  • Flexible connection options using three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP67




The safety switch STP is an electromechanical device developed by Euchner, specifically designed to provide reliable safety and protection in industrial environments. This safety switch incorporates essential features such as guard locking and guard lock monitoring, making it a versatile and effective solution for safeguarding personnel and machinery.
The safety switch STP is housed in a robust and durable metal enclosure, ensuring its resilience to harsh operating conditions. It can be conveniently installed on doors, gates, or other access points, allowing for easy integration into existing safety systems. The switch is available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various installation requirements.
One of the primary features of the safety switch STP is its guard locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the guard or door remains securely locked during machine operation, preventing unauthorized access to hazardous areas. The guard lock is engaged when the machine is in operation and remains locked until the machine has fully stopped, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
Additionally, the safety switch STP incorporates guard lock monitoring, which continuously monitors the status of the guard lock. This monitoring system provides real-time feedback on the engagement and functionality of the guard lock. In the event of any faults or tampering, the switch can send signals to the machine's control system, triggering appropriate safety measures or halting the machinery entirely.
The safety switch STP features a highly visible LED indicator that allows for quick and easy visual verification of its status. This visual feedback provides operators with clear information about the state of the safety switch, enabling them to ensure that the machine is in a safe operating condition.

Specification Description
Product Name Safety Switch STP
Manufacturer Euchner
Product Type Electromechanical Safety Switch
Guard Locking Yes
Actuator Type Mechanical actuator (tongue or key)
Operating Principle The switch uses a mechanical actuator (tongue or key) that interacts with the guard or door, enabling or disabling the power supply to the machine or equipment. It includes guard locking feature for enhanced safety.
Contact Configuration 2NC + 1NO (2 Normally Closed Contacts + 1 Normally Open Contact)
Switching Voltage Up to 230 V AC/DC
Rated Current Up to 6 A
IP Rating IP67 (Ingress Protection)
Housing Material Metal
Operating Temperature -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)
Approvals and Certifications - CE (Conformité Européene)
- cULus (Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association)
- TÜV Rheinland (GS Mark)
- EAC (Eurasian Conformity)
- CCC (China Compulsory Certification)
Mounting Options - Fixing by M6 screws
- Compatible with Euchner's mounting brackets and accessories
Dimensions - Length: 92 mm
- Width: 36 mm
- Height: 30 mm
Weight Approximately 380 g
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