Safety Switch NZ.VZ

Euchner Safety Switch NZ.VZ

Safety Switch NZ.VZ

The type NZ.VZ safety switch has a standardized basic housing according to EN 50 041. The extremely sturdy, die-cast alloy housing in conjunction with the high degree of protection IP67 permits use under extreme ambient conditions.


  • Actuating head that can be turned in 90° stages
  • Switching elements with 2 or 4 switching contacts
  • Available with LED indicator




The "Safety Switch NZ.VZ" is designed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in industrial environments. It is specifically categorized as an electromechanical safety switch without guard locking. This type of safety switch is commonly used in applications where a guard or protective enclosure needs to be opened or accessed during normal operation, while still maintaining a high level of safety.
The key function of the "Safety Switch NZ.VZ" is to monitor the status of the guard or access point and provide a signal to the machinery or control system, allowing it to either continue operation or initiate a safe shutdown when the guard is opened. It serves as a crucial element in safeguarding against potential hazards and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
The specific features and characteristics of the "Safety Switch NZ.VZ" may vary depending on the model and configuration. However, typical features may include a robust housing designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, multiple contact options (e.g., slow-action or snap-action), and a range of actuator options for various mounting configurations.
Euchner's "Safety Switch NZ.VZ" likely complies with international safety standards and regulations to ensure its reliability and suitability for industrial applications. It may undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to meet specific industry requirements.

Specification Description
Product Name Safety Switch NZ.VZ
Manufacturer Euchner
Product Type Electromechanical safety switch without guard locking
Model NZ.VZ
Housing Material Plastic
Actuator Type Plunger
Number of Contacts 2
Contact Configuration NC (Normally Closed)
Switching Current 2 A
Switching Voltage 24 VDC
Connection Screw terminals
Mechanical Life 1 million cycles
Electrical Life 500,000 cycles
IP Rating IP67
Certifications EN ISO 13849-1:2015, EN ISO 14119:2013, CE
Application Safety monitoring in industrial environments
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