Emergency stop devices ES

Euchner Emergency stop devices ES

Emergency stop devices ES

Emergency Stop Devices (ES) are safety devices manufactured by Euchner, a German company specializing in industrial safety engineering. The ES devices are designed to ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment by providing an immediate and reliable means of stopping the machine in an emergency. These devices are widely used in industrial automation to protect workers from injury and prevent damage to equipment. The ES devices come in a variety of configurations, including pushbuttons, cable-operated switches, and foot switches. They feature a rugged design that is resistant to vibration, shock, and other harsh conditions commonly found in manufacturing environments. Additionally, they comply with international safety standards, making them a reliable and effective safety solution for any manufacturing environment.




Euchner's emergency stop devices, or ES, are designed to quickly and effectively stop machinery or other potentially dangerous equipment in the event of an emergency. These devices come in various styles, such as pushbuttons or pull-wire switches, and are available in different sizes and materials to suit different applications. All Euchner ES devices comply with relevant safety standards and regulations, and are designed for easy installation and use. They are typically used in industrial settings where equipment and machinery pose a risk to workers, but can also be used in other settings where safety is a concern.

Specification Value
Actuator Mushroom button
Contact Configuration 1 NO and 1 NC
Current Rating 10 A
Voltage Rating 240 VAC, 24 VDC
Operating Temperature -25 °C to +80 °C
Protection Rating IP67
Mechanical Life > 1 million operations
Approvals cULus, CCC, CE
Dimensions 51 mm x 51 mm x 67 mm
Housing Material Thermoplastic (PC/ABS)
Actuator Material Die-cast Zinc (Zamak 3) with thermoplastic (PA6 GF30)
Contact Material Silver alloy
Connection Screw terminals (max. 2.5 mm²) or M12 connector
Mounting 1 or 2 holes for M3 screws
Release Force 25 N (fixed)
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