BR/IO-Link Gateways

Euchner BR/IO-Link Gateways

BR/IO-Link Gateways

BR/IO-Link Gateways are intelligent interface modules offered by Euchner, a leading manufacturer of safety products. The GWY series gateways enable the connection of IO-Link devices to higher-level control systems, such as PLCs, while also providing additional functionality, such as parameterization, monitoring, and diagnostics. They are available in various models to suit different application requirements, including single and dual-channel versions, as well as versions with built-in safety functions. The BR/IO-Link Gateways offer easy installation, configuration, and maintenance through a user-friendly interface, making them an ideal choice for modern industrial automation systems. For more information, please refer to the link provided.




BR/IO-Link Gateways are advanced communication gateways offered by Euchner, a leading manufacturer of safety equipment for industrial automation. These gateways are designed to provide seamless integration between IO-Link-enabled sensors and higher-level control systems.
The BR/IO-Link Gateways provide a variety of features that enable efficient communication between the sensors and the control systems. These features include IO-Link Master functionality, which allows for easy configuration of IO-Link-enabled sensors, as well as support for device descriptions (IODDs) and data exchange formats (IODTFs).
The gateways are also equipped with multiple Ethernet and serial communication interfaces, enabling easy integration with a variety of control systems. Additionally, the gateways support advanced diagnostic and monitoring functions, including detailed error reporting and remote device management.
One of the key benefits of BR/IO-Link Gateways is their ability to simplify and streamline the setup and configuration of IO-Link-enabled sensors. The gateways can automatically detect and configure the sensors, reducing the amount of manual configuration required. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of configuration errors.
Overall, BR/IO-Link Gateways from Euchner are advanced communication gateways that provide seamless integration between IO-Link-enabled sensors and higher-level control systems. They offer a range of advanced features and functions, including IO-Link Master functionality, multiple communication interfaces, and advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.

Product Name BR/IO-Link Gateways
Manufacturer Euchner
Product Type IO-Link Gateway
Communication Ethernet, Modbus TCP, PROFINET
Supply Voltage 24V DC
Input/Output Type Digital, Analog
Input/Output Channels Up to 8
Protection Class IP67
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions (H x W x D) 80mm x 34mm x 26.5mm
Certifications CE, cULus Listed
Additional Features Automatic Device Replacement, Configuration via Web Server
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