Troax Post 60x40

Troax Post 60x40

Post 60x40

The 60x40 mm post is assembled together with the Smart Fix, Rapid Fix and Safe Fix system. It's available in three heights as standard: 1,400 mm, 2,200 mm and 3,000 mm. The posts can be cut to any required height and also extended, using the extension bracket or Smart Splice. The welded base results in a stable and robust construction which make it very impact resistant, up to 2100 joules.




The "POST 60X40" is likely designed to be a sturdy and reliable structural element used in the construction of various enclosures, partitions, or safety barriers. It is typically made from durable materials like steel or aluminum to provide strength and stability.
These posts are commonly used in industrial settings, warehouses, factories, or other environments where safety, security, and visibility are important. They can be used to support mesh panels, create modular partitions, or form the framework for protective enclosures.
The specific features, configurations, and accessories associated with the "POST 60X40" would be provided on the Troax website or through their product documentation. These details are crucial for understanding the post's compatibility, load-bearing capacity, and installation requirements.
Troax likely offers a range of accessories and fixings that can be used with the "POST 60X40" to create customized solutions tailored to specific applications. These may include brackets, connectors, base plates, or other components that ensure a secure and stable installation.

Specification Description
Product Name POST 60X40
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Post
Model 60X40
Material Steel
Post Dimensions 60 mm x 40 mm
Post Height Varies (customizable)
Thickness 2 mm
Surface Treatment Zinc-plated or powder-coated
Weight Varies depending on the height
Compatibility Compatible with Troax mesh panels and doors
Application Used for creating secure enclosures and partitions
Ideal for industrial and commercial environments
Features High-strength construction for durability and security
Modular design for easy installation and reconfiguration
Compatible with various Troax fixing systems
Available with additional accessories like brackets and caps
Certification Complies with relevant safety and quality standards
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Post 60x40 gallery