Troax Panel ST20

Troax Panel ST20

Panel ST20

The ST20 panel is a lighter machine guard panel with a 19 x 19 mm frame. All horizontal wires are welded into the frame and the vertical wires are welded to the crossing tubes, creating a stable and impact resistant panel.
The ST20 mesh panel is tested to withstand an impact of 2100 joules together with our Smart Fix system. The 2100 joules impact corresponds to 134 kg hitting the fence at 20,15 km/h, a test that has been verified and approved by TÜV. The narrow mesh size allows a safety distance of 120 mm from the hazard.
Standard panels are available in 8 widths, from 200 mm to 1500 mm to fit system height of either 1400 mm, 2200 mm or 2500 mm.
​TROAX's grey standard colour provides the best visibility throughout the hazard zone, but panels can be supplied in any colour of your choice.




The Panel ST20 is likely a mesh panel designed for various purposes such as creating enclosures, partitions, or safety barriers. It is typically constructed using high-quality materials like steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. The "ST20" designation may indicate a specific mesh pattern or configuration used in this panel, although the exact details would be available on the Troax website.
Mesh panels like the Panel ST20 are commonly used in industrial environments, warehouses, factories, and other settings where the need for safety, security, and visibility is paramount. The mesh design allows for optimal airflow and light transmission while still providing a level of physical separation and protection.
The specific features and specifications of the Panel ST20, such as dimensions, mesh size, wire diameter, and finish, would be provided on the Troax website or through Troax's product documentation. These details are crucial for understanding the panel's compatibility, load-bearing capacity, and installation requirements.
Troax likely offers a range of accessories and fixings that can be used with the Panel ST20 to create customized solutions tailored to specific applications. These may include corner brackets, connectors, base plates, and other components that ensure a secure and stable installation.
The Panel ST20, like other Troax products, is designed to meet industry standards and regulations for safety and security. It may undergo quality testing and certifications to ensure its reliability and performance in demanding environments.

Specification Description
Product Name Panel ST20
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Mesh panel
Panel Model ST20
Material Steel
Wire Diameter 3.5 mm
Mesh Size 50 mm x 50 mm
Panel Height 2000 mm
Panel Width 2000 mm
Frame Type Welded
Frame Dimensions 30 mm x 20 mm
Frame Thickness 2 mm
Surface Treatment Zinc-plated and powder-coated
Weight 18.6 kg
Application Suitable for creating partitions and enclosures
Ideal for industrial and commercial environments
Features High-strength construction for durability and security
Quick and easy installation with compatible fixings
Modular design for flexibility and easy reconfiguration
Excellent visibility and airflow through the mesh
Certification Complies with relevant safety and quality standards
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Panel ST20 gallery
Panel ST20 gallery
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