Troax Mesh Panel Fixings

Troax Mesh Panel Fixings

Mesh Panel Fixings

To provide easy access above and under the emergency stop rope, the Belt Conveyor Guarding is assembled with the panels mounted horizontally.
A hook for the emergency stop rope can be placed in the lower fixing, and the upper fixing keeps the panels in place with a turn able bracket for easy release when you want to detach the panels for service and maintenance.
There are separate brackets for right and left ends, straight walls, ninety-degree corners and inner corners. All fixings are supplied pre-assembled, with hot dip galvanize coating to provide good corrosion protection, suitable for very harsh environments.




Mesh panel fixings typically consist of various types of brackets, clamps, connectors, and accessories that facilitate the assembly and connection of mesh panels. These fixings are engineered to ensure easy installation, flexibility, and reliable performance.
One common type of mesh panel fixing is a bracket or clamp that is designed to hold two mesh panels together at a specific angle, such as 90 degrees. These brackets or clamps are usually made from durable materials like steel or aluminum to provide strength and stability to the overall structure.
Another type of fixing includes connectors that allow mesh panels to be joined in a straight line, enabling the creation of longer panel sections. These connectors are often adjustable, allowing for customization and adaptability to different configurations.
Mesh panel fixings may also include additional accessories like corner guards, base plates, and caps. Corner guards protect the edges of mesh panels from damage and provide additional reinforcement. Base plates are used to secure the panels to the floor or other surfaces, ensuring stability. Caps are placed on the top of the panels to provide a clean and finished appearance.
The choice of mesh panel fixings depends on the specific requirements of the application and the desired level of security and durability. Some fixings may be more suitable for temporary installations, while others are designed for long-term use in high-security environments.
Overall, mesh panel fixings are essential components that enable the assembly and installation of mesh panels, ensuring a robust and reliable enclosure or partition system. They play a crucial role in creating safe and secure spaces in industrial, commercial, and public settings.

Specification Description
Product Name Mesh Panel Fixings
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Fixings for mesh panels
Material Various materials (e.g., steel, stainless steel)
Finish Various finishes available (e.g., zinc-plated, powder-coated)
Compatibility Compatible with Troax mesh panels
Application Used for securing mesh panels in place
Installation Method Screw-in, bolt-on, or clip-on
Mounting Options Wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or suspended
Strength Provides secure and durable attachment for mesh panels
Quantity per Package Varies depending on the product
Accessories Included Mounting screws, bolts, or clips
Additional Features Adjustable brackets for easy installation and alignment
Anti-tamper design to prevent unauthorized removal
Rust-resistant and weatherproof coatings
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mesh panel fixings gallery
mesh panel fixings gallery
mesh panel fixings gallery
mesh panel fixings gallery
mesh panel fixings gallery