Troax E Stop Fixing

Troax E Stop Fixing

E Stop Fixing

The Fixing plate for the emergency stop unit is designed to fit directly onto the belt conveyor fixings and the hole pattern on the bracket is designed to fit version ZB0071 72 73.
The plate can be mounted onto any of the fixing variants, on the end fixing as well as on a straight bracket in the middle of a row.
The E-Stop Fixing plate is hot dip galvanized, providing good corrosion protection suitable for very harsh environments.




An "E Stop Fixing," also known as an emergency stop fixing, is a component used in safety systems to enable emergency shutdowns or immediate cessation of operation in hazardous or critical situations. It is commonly employed in industrial machinery, equipment, or control panels where the ability to quickly stop or disable the operation is crucial for protecting personnel, preventing accidents, or mitigating damage.
The specific design and functionality of an "E Stop Fixing" can vary depending on the application and system requirements. It typically includes an emergency stop button or switch that, when activated, triggers an immediate halt of the machinery or equipment. This action can be achieved by interrupting power, cutting off energy sources, or triggering an alarm to signal the need for immediate action.
"E Stop Fixings" are often designed to be easily accessible and identifiable, typically featuring a bright, prominent red button or switch that is clearly marked with the universally recognized emergency stop symbol. This ensures that operators can quickly locate and activate the emergency stop mechanism in critical situations.
Troax, the company you mentioned, likely offers "E Stop Fixings" as part of their safety product range. These fixings may include the emergency stop button, associated wiring, mounting hardware, and connectors necessary for integrating them into industrial systems.
It is essential to follow relevant safety standards and regulations when incorporating "E Stop Fixings" into machinery or equipment. This includes proper installation, appropriate wiring, and regular maintenance to ensure reliable and effective emergency shutdown capabilities.

Specification Description
Product Name E Stop Fixing
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Fixing component
Compatibility Compatible with Troax E Stop Button
Material Steel or other durable materials
Finish Zinc-plated or powder-coated
Mounting Type Screw-on or snap-on
Mounting Options Panel-mounted or frame-mounted
Application Used to secure and mount E Stop Buttons
Features Secure and reliable fixing
Easy installation and removal
Designed for quick access in emergency situations
Available in various sizes and configurations
Can be integrated with Troax mesh panels and enclosures
Compliant with relevant safety standards
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