Troax Beam Support Fixings

Troax Beam Support Fixings

Beam Support Fixings

The Belt Conveyor Guarding system can be assembled with the standard post onto a floor or directly onto the conveyor beam using special beam supports.
The beam supports are easily installed onto the belt conveyor beam using U-shaped holders that are clamped around the beam support on each side. The holders are available in three sizes, 235 mm, 285 mm and 335 mm, to cover various sizes of beams. By combining the straight beam support with the angled, and the various lengths (heights) of the mesh panels, it’s possible to make a perfect design fit for your conveyor.
The beam support fixings, along with the assembly parts are all hot dip galvanized coated, providing good corrosion protection suitable for very harsh environments.




Beam support fixings typically consist of brackets, connectors, clamps, or hangers that facilitate the attachment of beams to walls, columns, or other supporting members. These fixings are engineered to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable support, ensuring the structural stability of the entire system.
One common type of beam support fixing is a bracket that is designed to connect beams to walls or columns. These brackets are typically made from robust materials such as steel or aluminum and are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different beam dimensions and load requirements. They often feature pre-drilled holes or slots for easy installation and adjustment.
Another type of fixing includes connectors or clamps that enable the connection of beams end-to-end, allowing for the creation of longer spans or continuous beams. These connectors are typically designed to provide a strong and rigid connection, ensuring the load is evenly distributed across the entire beam system.
Beam support fixings may also include hangers, which are used to suspend beams from overhead structures or ceilings. These hangers are commonly used in applications where a suspended or elevated platform is required, such as mezzanine floors or elevated storage systems.
The choice of beam support fixings depends on factors such as the type and size of beams, load requirements, and the specific application or construction project. It is crucial to select fixings that are compatible with the beam material and can withstand the intended loads and forces.
Troax, as a provider of industrial solutions, likely offers a range of beam support fixings suitable for different applications and industries. Their fixings may undergo rigorous testing and adhere to industry standards to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance.

Specification Description
Product Name Beam Support Fixings
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Fixings for beam supports
Material Steel
Finish Zinc-plated or powder-coated
Compatibility Compatible with Troax beam support systems
Application Used for attaching beam supports to walls or floors
Installation Method Screw-in or bolt-on
Mounting Options Wall-mounted or floor-mounted
Strength Provides secure and stable support for beams
Adjustability Adjustable height and angle for precise positioning
Quantity per Package Varies depending on the product
Accessories Included Mounting screws or bolts
Additional Features Easy installation and adjustment
Durable construction for long-lasting performance
Suitable for various beam support configurations
Compatible with Troax mesh panels and doors
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Beam Support Fixings gallery
Beam Support Fixings gallery
Beam Support Fixings gallery
Beam Support Fixings gallery