Troax Accessories

Troax Accessories


To make the Belt Conveyor Guarding complete there are some accessories that can be added to the system. All are made of steel with hot dip galvanize coating, providing good corrosion protection suitable for very harsh environments.

  • Holder for emergency stop rope. A hook that is fixed through the hole of the lower bracket that keeps the emergency stop rope in place along the belt conveyor.
  • Fixing plate for mezzanine floors. With the fixing plate for mezzanine floors you can mount the standard 60x40 posts onto the plate and fix it through the mezzanine floor with J-hooks.
  • Wedge-locking washers. To secure the bolted joints in environments with severe vibrations.




In the context of Troax, a company specializing in industrial mesh solutions, "accessories" typically refers to supplementary components or add-ons that enhance the functionality, versatility, or customization of their products. These accessories are designed to work in conjunction with Troax's main offerings, such as mesh panels, posts, or gates, to provide additional features or optimize specific applications.
The specific range of accessories offered by Troax may include items such as connectors, brackets, fixings, base plates, hinges, locks, or other related components. These accessories are designed to facilitate the installation, assembly, and customization of Troax's mesh solutions, ensuring secure and reliable integration into various industrial or commercial environments.
Connectors and brackets are commonly used to join mesh panels or posts together, allowing for the creation of larger enclosures or partitions. Fixings and base plates provide stability and secure attachment of panels or posts to floors, walls, or other structural elements. Hinges enable the installation of mesh gates, providing easy access points while maintaining security.
Other accessories may include locks, handles, or key systems that enhance the security of Troax's mesh solutions, preventing unauthorized access to protected areas. Cable management solutions, such as clips or ties, can help organize and route cables within the mesh system, ensuring a neat and efficient setup.
Troax's accessories are designed to meet industry standards and are often engineered for durability, strength, and compatibility with their mesh products. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure their performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Specification Description
Manufacturer Troax
Product Type Various accessories for Troax systems
Compatibility Compatible with Troax mesh panels and enclosures
Material Varies depending on the accessory
Finish Varies depending on the accessory
Available Types Brackets, caps, connectors, clips, locks, hinges, etc.
Application Enhances functionality and customization of installations
Features Wide range of options and configurations
Easy to install and integrate
Enhances safety and security
Enables flexible and modular designs
Durable construction for long-lasting performance
Compliant with relevant safety and quality standards
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